San Fransisco, March 19, 2004

The Working Papers for our emerging Healthcare Collective
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The "Short Update"

"A People’s Healing Space"

"What is a Healer?"

"What kind of methods do you use?"

Ways to contact us:

Sue Scandale: sue.scandale (at)

Annabelle: annabelle (at)

Glenn Goldman: glenn (at)

Petros Evdokas: petros (at)

Updated Spring, 2008
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The materials on this page are part of an ongoing process of self- definition and refinement of our project.

We aim at creating good foundations for a group practice of radical therapy in the fields of the alternative/ complementary/ natural therapy, aimed at servicing primarily the community of activists and  their loved ones.

The papers below are part of the effort to better define for ourselves, and for other colleagues, allies, friends, and supporters, the orientation of this work along with its parameters, guiding principles, its depth and limitations.

Brussels, March 20,2004