Elements of a Personal Introduction - Petros Evdokas
Healthcare work Orientation; Roots, training, education and experiences

Healthcare work Orientation
I practice Natural Therapy. In other countries (and some States in the US) this is known as Naturopathy; also as Complementary~Alternative Medicine. Perhaps the best "label" is Traditional, Indigenous and Natural Medicine, in accordance to the guidelines and definitions of the World Health Organization, (WHO): 
Traditional medicine 

In recent decades, most of the people (and some animals) in my care have been struggling with chronic illness. Among them, a few have been struggling with life-threatening illness or injury, and some with terminal conditions - we don't always win: a number of people in my care have passed away. 

A smaller percentage of people in my care face light (or shallow) illness or injury, which usually includes acute periods with intense symptoms. Occasionally, there are also individuals with imaginary illness. 

The smallest percentage is people who are actively involved in cultivating and mantaining health through natural health-minded lifestyles, and who embrace preventative medicine. 

Roots, training, education and experiences
My earliest "official" service in healthcare was as a volunteer military medic/ nurse. 
All the rest, including my formal studies in Biology, learning and development in Alternative Medicine as a barefoot (sneaker-footed) practitioner, can be seen here: 

Everything that Nature provides, ranging from chemistry and physiology to medical humours, constitutional and elemental approaches and metaphysics are part of the path: 

Current work
I'm one of the volunteers working to establish this Healthcare Collective as a viable ongoing entity: 

More about me here: 
and here: 

I'd be happy to answer any questions and to read or hear your feedback.